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Hawaii Landscape by Darlithia

rw:i love this pic because the view is so priceless that its unique to who ever took the pic.,especially if this would be a portrait on...


MNNR April by RedWolf246
MNNR April
RW:Meet the 1st new female ranger of the Maneki Neko Neko Rangers MNNR April ,she's the kind and gentle one in the group,she is found by the 4 boys who came up with the band The Year Quartet which has the boys are named Janu,Febu,Marchei,and July when one day they all went to Janu's parents home for a sleepover then at night they all went up to the attic to see whats inside the room ,next the next thing u know Febu founded a map and a odd looking stone that had the shape which looks alot like a cat's head colored pink ,until one of them said "MEOW WOW!" in excitement then suddenly the stone glowed so brightly pink that it bringed out a girl ...a neko girl then suddenly she looked at the boys and said "thank you so much for freeing me from my stone state!"hugging and kissing each of them "U have no idea how long i've been cooked up like that ,Man does it feel good to be free at last !,the boys did not know what to make of her or where did she came from but until she explained about her existence and how she came to their world ,also there are more than one of her, there were like 8 of her and she plans to find them all but with the help of her new friends ,they are destined to be the Maneki Neko Neko Rangers even though the 1st four neko rangers were actually girls she gave them their male outfits instead to which when they say "MEOW WOW!" they will instantly turn right into neko rangers for which they have different kind of powers ,and they are going to find all the girls no matter and to stop some baddies along the way.
April's stone is called Diamond it gives her the power to move super fast,with additional cat like reflexes ,she's also armed with a Claw Grappling Hook which is like a claw from a cat that can reach for miles and can deliver catch and swing grab to her foes,and her trusty Cat Tail which is rly treated like a steel whip like sword similar to a Rajput's weapon called a Aara…… her special move is called Cat Tail Spin meaning she will use her Cat Tail and spin ,twirl ,and swing it around continuously making a impenetrable force field around her making it impossible to hit her or even to shoot her which she will reflect any kind of in coming projectiles and her force field will explode to any nearest enemies ,its pretty handy when u need to take out surrounding enemies. artstyle goes to my bro and i :iconredwolf246: 
rw:if all of u are wandering ,on thursday night of bingo night my bro and i were riding our bikes home at one 4 way intersection  just until we were nearly home i stumbled upon a trail of money!all folded up 1 by 1 i gathered it all ,and i was thinking to my self,is this a trickor is it a no trick atall ,is this a trap or is this treasure ,is this a gift or is it a curse ,andwell whatever it was i gathered it all up and counted it on friday morning and the total cost was 15 dollars in cash! i'd never thought i would have founded that many all in 1 night!,but then... it hit me why would anybody drop that much bills for no reason atall?well i guess all i can say i was lucky.
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