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Hawaii Landscape by Darlithia

rw:i love this pic because the view is so priceless that its unique to who ever took the pic.,especially if this would be a portrait on...


New OC Loboia Sifang by RedWolf246
New OC Loboia Sifang
RW:This is Loboia Sifang ,the party werewolf girl of my ocs ,she could be as wild as she can get ,brave fast,agile,kind,energetic,genius,extatic,and a party animal like this… but dont let that fool you she knows martial arts in her way called Break Fight Dance and most likely you dont want to get caught rite in the middle of it cause she will know you out cold,but if she hits her own friend by accident she will say "Whoops! sorry about that ^^; just dont get in the way next time ok?! ^_^= ^^;"Queen of the dance floor,Empress of the dance battles,she does play fair to her opponents and a good sport, like she would say to her competitor if they lose she would bring out her hand and pick them back up on their feet and say "Hey that was fun, lets do that again next time ok dude^_^?! or "You did your best and that what counts the most Good Job!^_^" I did not get to draw her signature cap cause i lost track of time and her cap is like Ash Ketchum's… but with a big dif.,her hat design on the out side is green for the cross breeze same as the visor part of the cap and instead of the "C" symbol its a # with the number "1" in it like this way "#1" but the hash tag is small and goes to the upper left corner of the number one,the hash tag and 1 are bold printed in green also the background of the front part of her cap is White ,sometimes she would wear it backwards like ash ketchum would do or wear it forward,sideways left or right like Kino from Story Time would… and she can almost dance and fight with a mixture of Chuck Norris,Bruce Lee,Donnie Yin,Jackie Chan,Jet Lee,Van Dam,Ernie Button ,Chun Li,Cammy,Julie and even Elena and Dudly from Street Fighter X… she would almost fight all the Power rangers would too.
Artstyle goes to my bro rr123 and i :iconredwolf246:
rw:well ok here's the full reason why i was gone for 3 months :my bro and i were in the st.mary's picnic,then 1 of the older knights told me to tell my bro to "do not let your brother play with other little kids in the park's playground like last year"reason why when it was time for us to go i was looking for him cause we had to help out pack up everything ,then next thing you know ,it happened again ,then the other part gets bad to worst ,my bro and i got ourselves banned from our volunteer work in the knights of columbus hall they said they will call us if they needed our help (this was during the month in late March)2 weeks had passed then my folks were wondering why the knights did not need our help anymore (it was due to my bro's absence of the picnic when he played with the little kids at the play ground) and ended up being involved due to my bro's child like behavior( uknow since he 's in his 20s now and days,that he should never play with little kids) then when it was found out thnx to my adapted bastard uncle he told it to the whole family then all hell broke out"if u know what i mean"we were never gonna be back on our laptop ever again until we find ourselves a job.
During the late part in March could you believe it i got hired in Walmart(March 19 2015 and counting) and atleast helping out my mom too,then my bro got serious to look for one too,and next thing you know 3 days later ,he got himself a job at The Old Spaghetti Factory (restaurant of course not literally) ,then during the month of April i asked my Aunt if i can have the Internet back on my laptop on my birthday? and she said"we'll see"then it was during May(almost to my B-Day) on May 23(saturday) my folks went to church and i was able to be home alone for awhile then due to my curiosity i went on the laptop when i wasn't supposed to(this is when my bro was in his job)  i put the lap top on the bed and sat on the chair just having the time of my life then suddenly my cousins' little pet chihuahua started barking on the other outside of the house i ran then told her "be quiet "in a quiet tone(here comes the worst part) then when i ran back in the room and then i tripped over my left bruised foot(i bruised it during work ,good thing i had a day off after that)and then my mouth hit the upper right corner of the screen and then CRACK! the screen had cracked and the lip corners of my mouth got jagged then it was bleeding like from the horror movies i didn't scream on the outside, my innerself was screaming on the inside,then i ran to the bathroom trying to wash off the blood but then i discovered that some of those shrapnel pieces from the screen and the other part of the screen (the black parts) were in my throat and i thought i was gonna suffer from internal bleeding, good thing i didn't ,then my folks got home and discovered my laptop was broken because of me they were outraged ,then my aunt said"YOU GUYS CAN NEVER OWN ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES UNTIL YOU FIND YOUR OWN APARTMENT!"man i knew i was never gonna have the internet back even if my bro and i had a job there personality will never change!,then next thing you know in the month of july my uncle fixed my old broken Acer Laptop made it better again but with a price which got me angry to the MAX (during the 2 stages of depression anger and sadness)he deleted every pics(including all my bro's and i's hard work on my oc drawings,vids ,and all my songs i downloaded doesn't that bastard know how hard it was for me to those!!!!! :iconwerewolfplz: then he gave it to my mom instead of giving it back to my bro and i now which we have to share the crappy old laptop (which is rly slow and in general i lost everything) :(  and here are what i meant for being sad and cry my tears out cause everytime i get emotional (in sadness and being happy) my right eye starts tearing 1st then my left eye too:

Rainbow Dash from mlp:fim in s5 ep.Tanks for the memories i've been through what she had b4 because i owned a pet turtle 1nce named Dutchess then the next 3 days she passed away:…;
Pinkie Pie  from MLP:FIM : in the episode Baby Cakes when the cakes made her…;

and last but not least in the amazing world of gumball when granny jojo had a new boy friend and richard challenged Loui  too a "Man Off" to when it came to the emotional feelings part when richard said that "there was nothing to talk about ",until his mother said "awww richard what about your father i thought you already knew that he wasn't really going to get the milk" and to when that happened he rly burst into the water works and somehow i have been through the same thing richard had when i was… but yet when i feel sad like that i cry like that in my sleep so quietly that no one can hear me ,except hearing me sniffling my nose ,so yeah nowanddays my bro and i have to deal with a slow old pc that started that whole virus thing in the 1st place ,this house is with an obnoxiouse adaptive bastard asshole,liars,bitches,neat freaks,+sarcasm included ,but in life they are the only ones i got and i may h8 and love them but there's no other place or family i'd rather be in.
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  • Eating: pepperoni and pineapple pizza
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